Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scientific Approval Wanted

A retired airline employee had just finished his prescription from his medical doctor; he had been suffering from pneumonia. He told me that he had fallen off a bicycle and this accident had weakened his body. Also, his lungs still had residue from the infection but his doctor, feeling his pneumonia had been cured, had stopped giving him medicine. The man felt very tired and his face was too red.

When I tried to take his pulse, I could feel that his palm and hands were sticky -- like touching oil. I said, “Your brakes are leaking fluid.” He asked, “Yeah? Why? I didn’t know that; I thought it was normal.” I said, “You are consuming your energy. In modern science terms, your nervous system is not strong enough to control, and in TCM terms your lung function is not strong enough. From the TCM point of view, the lung is in charge of skin and hair.” He replied with eyes wide open, “I see.”

After some treatments, his palms and hands were better. I reminded him, “I fixed your brakes already.” He said: “You are a good mechanic.” I said, “I work for a Cadillac dealer.” He laughed. As he took more treatments from me, his tiredness diminished. He told me that he had been working hard for thirty years; after he retired, he did not have the energy to enjoy his life though financially he had no problem. I told him, “I treated a computer company manager who felt exhausted after the first day of his resignation. His back felt sharp pain, and he felt pain in every inch of his arm and shoulder.” He said, ”What happened to the manager?” I said, “He worked too hard. He over-used his energy, like someone shopping with a credit card who doesn’t realize that they are over the limit, and then they cannot afford to pay.”

After some more treatments, he asked me if I also took care of the pneumonia problem for him. I said, “Yes.” He said, “Did you kill the germs for me?” I responded, “I don’t think about that.” He said: “If I still have germs and you don’t kill them, how can I get well?” I said, “That’s what you come here for.” He responded, “I don’t understand.” I asked him, “Can you guarantee that I don’t have germs in my lungs?” He responded, “No! I cannot.” I continued, “What if I have some?” He said, “Maybe you do, I don’t know.” I said, “Germs are in the air, but if you are strong and do not work hard, that germ cannot catch you. Now I have made you much stronger and you get enough rest. Can the germ catch you?” He replied, “Probably not.” But I understood what he was worried about, and I wanted him to feel completely comfortable so we made an appointment for him to have an X-ray taken. After the X-ray was taken, the M.D. told him his lungs were clear and the test was negative.

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