Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Same Results but Different Explanations

A woman who dressed star-like brought her friend in for acupuncture treatments. Each time, the star-like dressed lady dropped her friend off in front of the clinic, then she parked and walked in for acupuncture treatments.

After a period of treatments, the star-like dressed lady asked me, “Joseph, how is my friend doing?” I replied, “She is getting some improvement.” She replied, “But she told me she there was no improvement.” This conversation kept resurfacing, and I became increasingly puzzled.

One day I talked to the patient in the treatment room. “What is the percentage of your improvement?” She replied, “Around 60% to 80% better.” Then I talked to the star-like dressed lady and she said, “My friend said she’s had no improvement.” I became upset and said, “I am going to ask her in front of you.” So, when her friend came out from the treatment room, I asked her what is the percentage of her improvement? The patient said, “Probably 40% improvement.”

Do you want to know the answer to this contradictory situation? By telling her friend she is not improving, she is certain to get a ride to the doctor’s office!

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