Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eight Years of Suffering Without a Diagnosis

A patient just came back from L.A., telling me after seeing me the last time she was not feeling well enough to go, but still she drove to L.A. where she saw a medical doctor who gave her an antibiotic that she had finished; she said it helped.

After I listened to her story, I conducted a TCM examination for her. I told her that the last time I saw her I treated her for flu, even though most people would not call it that because there was no chill, no fever, no coughing, no aches, but only a little thirst. In this case, we called the light type ‘wind heat,’ and she caught the wind heat forty days ago. Her primary doctor also knew that her lung had something wrong.

I inserted two needles in her hands which would help liberate the exterior part of her body and create more liquid for her and also unblock the ear meridian on her left side, which was the old problem and which now came out again when her body was weak. After awhile, my patient’s ear felt better and her mouth was not as dry, and her mind became clear again. This patient had no doubt about my judgment because I had helped her settle the major problem from which she had suffered for eight years without being able to get a specific diagnosis.

She asked me: “How come I still get sick even though my body is getting well and feels much stronger?” I responded to her by telling about one of my cases: “I had a patient who came in one very cold day, but she was dressed in summer clothes. She looked very healthy, and her face was red. I felt cold just seeing her dressed in summer clothes, and I knew this patient was in a severe way. I managed to help her and eventually she got better with many treatments; she was able to dress normally.

One day she had a flu, and she asked me how come when she was dressed lightly in the cold weather she did not get the flu, but now with warm clothing in the cold weather, she had caught a cold. I let her know that when she was sick her body really struggled to keep her going, because her problem was life-threatening. At that time her lungs were over-heated, probably her body was in curfew condition, and the germs could not grow because the lungs were overheated, but when she began to get better, the brain and central nervous system began to slow down and take a break, and the body was taking a rest, the lung function became more normal and not over heated, so some germs caught her.” I also told her that a very experienced medical doctor told us that when a major contradiction is solved, another contradiction can come out. My patient tried to accept my explanation.

I gave an example from the ancient medical records: “A female patient in extremely cold weather put her feet in ice water and did not feel cold. She died the next day.” According to the ancient medical book, when a patient has a lung deficiency and there is not enough liquid their faces look as red as make-up.

My patient began to understand my story, and continued to get better, but one day she felt awful, frustrated and doubted the improvement. I explained to her that her pulse was better, her tongue looked better, but the fact is that she was not feeling better at that time, so how could she accept the fact that she was improving? I gave her an example:

A man had been unemployed for many years. Suddenly he got a job, so he was overjoyed and bought bottles of Coke, 7-Up, corn chips, etc. His wife and kids were overjoyed and were jumping around.

I said, “When I first treated you, your body suddenly responded and you felt much easier.” I continued, “When the man received the next check, he did not buy Coke, 7-Up, corn chips, etc., because the landlord wanted the rent, his sister and brother wanted their loans paid back, so he felt frustrated because once again he had no money.”

I told my patient, “Your internal organs were weak and empty, so when you major problem settled, the internal organs took all the essence from the herbs to repair their major problem.” By then my patient could understand the body processing and she understood that she had to be patient in order for her body to continue to heal.

One day she came in and was looking much better, but she felt that the left side ear had some blockage. I tried to comfort her by telling her that there was still some problem from the liver meridian for which I had been treating her. Though she believed me, she still had a question and asked, “I don’t feel good around my ear, how come you insist that it is from the liver meridian?” I replied, “Before around your rib, you did not feel comfortable and you had a medical check-up which indicated nothing wrong. I told you that it is from the liver energy stagnation which showed up in your pulse and your tongue. How is your feeling in the ribs now?” She nodded and said, “Not bad!” I said, “So one day you can confirm what I said.”

After some more days, as she kept coming in for treatments, she even forgot her ear problem. Because her whole body was getting better and improving, she even looked younger.

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